Children and Laundry

Taylor: One time my teacher said, "You know, sometimes I think you guys like the other teacher more than me. Some people in class were like, "Nooooo! We like you!" And other people were like, "No. You're right. We do like him better."

Morgan: And then smart people were like, "Why do you care? We're children. Half of us don't know how to do laundry."

Morgan: You know what they say, "Flap jack potato skins"

Me: Ha! "Flap jack potato skins!"... What does that even mean?!!... "Flap jack potato skins", Ha!.. I don't even... Nobody says that... Do they?... "Flap jack potato skins", Ha!...Is that a thing?... 

Morgan: I just made it up but now I've got you saying it, so yeah, now it's a thing.

A Puppy Named Worry

Tricia (ranting about work): Ugh! I'm really upset with myself! I should have caught that error before now!!!

Morgan: Imagine yourself on the beach of a tropical island. All of a sudden, there is a puppy in your hands and his name is, "Worry". 

You then throw him into the ocean.