Normal Spray

When I was little, my Mother bought a Batman coloring book for me. it was f*cking sweet! Though I was five at the time so I don't think I said that. I probably said something like, "Yeah!" The sentiment is pretty much the same. The story in the coloring book was about a Mad Scientist who turned himself into a monster. I don't recall what kind of monster so let's just say it was your generic-run-of-the-mill type of monster.

Anyway he was running around town causing mayhem and wreaking havoc, as monsters are often wont to do and Batman and Robin came in to save the day! The battle came to an end when Batman reached into his utility belt and gave the fiend a blast of "Normal spray", returning the scientist to his original "Mad" state.

Normal spray is f*cking sweet!

I'm not sure why it didn't cure his "Madness" though.

January Fun!