My Children and I were walking around downtown Oak Park this weekend. As we sat at lunch, they shared some jokes with me. My nine year old daughter Taylor, went first. "Papa. I bet I can make you say black." She said between sips of chicken noodle soup. "OK, go ahead." I said taking a bite of my tuna sandwich. "What color is the flag?" "Red, white and blue." I answered. "See I told you I could make you say blue." "You said black!" I protested. "See." She said pointing, "I told you I could make you say black!"

My son Morgan who is six, went next. "Why do geese honk?" He asked "Why?" I asked. His big brown eyes widened with excitement. "Because they're in the air, not on the ground!" He could barely get the joke out before breaking into peals of laughter. It was so absurd I joined him. Taylor took another sip of her soup, rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Just like her mother does to me.

Anyway that is the difference between a Taylor joke and a Morgan joke.

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