Adventures in Nola: Part 4- In the Trailer

Julie at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. 

We were sitting in the RV, waiting for the photo crew to set up the next shot. I was using the WiFi to check email and transcribe a story from my notebook to The Chronicles. (I know, it's weird that I actually use a notebook. But I am getting old and my laptop is too damn heavy to carry around. Plus a notebook looks more writer-y.) This is the conversation that took place. (Cam and Julie are two women that I work with.)

Me: Where does the punctuation go for a parenthesis?

Julie: It depends. If it's a complete sentence it goes on the inside, if it's not it goes on the outside.

Me: ???

Julie: Let me just see what you're writing.

Cam: He won't let anyone see because he's writing the next edition of The Franklin Chronicles.

Julie: Then I'm commenting about your punctuation in your next post.

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