National Public Radio

I love National Public Radio. My wife however is not a huge fan. She'll listen, but she thinks shows like A Prairie Home Companion are corny. She's right of course. What NPR needs is someone like me. When I say that, I mean someone like me who is not me. I have my own plan for riches.

I went to the bank and sat across from a loan officer. He stared at me silently for several minutes before asking if I had a business plan. I reached into my bag and slid a neatly typed, one page document across the desk. It read:

  • Step 1- Sit at home.

  • Step 2- Collect loads of cash.

When I told him I wasn't picky and would accept the money in stacks of hundreds or rolls of quarters, he blathered on about my plan not being a viable business.


F*cking idiot.

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