Obama '08-episode 1

Saturday February 10, 2007
Daughter, Taylor age 8
Son, Morgan age 6

Me: Taylor and Morgan come in here, I want you to see this.
Taylor: O.K. Papa, here we come.
Morgan: What is it Papa?
Me: I just want you to watch this.
Taylor: Who is that talking?
Me: Barack Obama.
Morgan: What?
Me: Barack Obama.
Morgan: Is that Martin Looser King?
Me: LuTHer son, put your tongue between your teeth. And no, that's Barack Obama.
Morgan: Does he have any kids?
Me: Yes he does. He has two daughters.
Taylor (excitedly): He has TWO daughters?
Me: Yes.
Morgan: How old are they?
Me: They are five and eight, so they are about your ages. [I point them out on the television] See there they are right there.
Taylor: Ohhhhh.
Morgan: Why does Barack Obama have Martin LuTHew King's daughters?
Me: What?
Morgan: Why does...
Me: No those aren't Martin Luther King's daughters, they are Barack Obama's daughters.
Morgan: Does Martin LuTHew King have daughters?
Me: Yes.
Morgan: Where are they?
Me: I don't...
Taylor: He said Abraham Lincoln, that's our school!!
Morgan: He did? Is he talking about our school Papa?
Me: No Morgan, he's talking about the person, President Abraham Lincoln.
Both: Ohhhh.
Both: Jinx! Double jinx! Triple jinx!
Taylor: Quadruple jinx! Ha!
Me: Guys, quiet down and just watch this. It's very important.

They sit quietly for exactly 37 seconds. Morgan suddenly breaks out into a series of handstands.

Me: Morgan be still.
Morgan: Papa, this is BOWWWING! I'm bowed.
Me: *sigh* O.K. guys why don't you just go back to your room and play.
Taylor: We can go?!
Me: Yes.
Taylor: Yeah!

Thank God for Tivo.

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