Always Dancing



"Hold on a second," I said holding up my index finger. "Have you seen this commercial?" Audwin had been talking about something having to do with the meaning of life, before I interrupted him. It was Sunday morning. We always talk about the meaning of life on Sunday morning.

"No, I haven't seen this one." He said turning his attention to the television screen.

 We watched as a young Black boy danced, Pop-locking and moonwalking in the kitchen, while his father captured it all on his cell phone. This short clip was then beamed, (apparently via the magics of the interweb) across the entire globe. Children in India crowded around a laptop and people all around the planet, watched the same small movie on their desktop computers and cell phones. Eventually the clip was broadcast, bigger than life in Times Square! Through the miracle of technology, all are able to share in the wonder of this small yet delightful experience. As a result, the world seems smaller and just a bit more familiar. Safe even.

"What did you think?: I asked Audwin as the commercial faded poignantly to black. "Well… I know what you're going to say." He paused briefly before continuing, "Why do we always gotta be dancing?!"

"Yes!" I said emphatically, "Why do we always gotta be dancing?!!!"

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