Get him!

Hey, what the hell is this?! Whoever is in charge of this so-called "blog" is a freaking jerk! I've read every post and listened to the stupid podcast and now, nothing! He hasn't updated the stupid thing in months! He's got me addicted to the site and now, nothing! He hasn't even updated his goddamn flickr pictures, they're still from the winter! What a f*ck-head!

Crowd assmbled around the blog: Hey, you're right...

You know what we should do? We should hunt him down and kick his ass, that's what we should do! That will teach him to raise up all of our hopes and dreams and then dash them to smithereens! I say we beat the crap out of him!

Crowd: Yeah!

Hey look is that him over there?!

Crowd: Where?!

Right over there! The stupid looking guy wearing the corduroys!

Crowd: Yeah, lets get that son of a bitch! AAAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!!




Are they gone?

Did that actually work?

*phew* That should buy me some more time. I kinda feel sorry for that guy they're beating the crap out of though. But he was wearing corduroys for chrissakes. In July!

He was sorta asking for an ass-whippin'.

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