Happiness is like a Big-ass quilt



A friend of mine said she wasn't really happy and was feeling kinda blah. In fact she said she wasn't sure if she quite knew what happiness was anymore. "The way I see it, happiness is like a big-ass quilt.", I announced in a triumphant sort of way. "A big-ass quilt…", she repeated slowly. "Yeah. From a distance, the arc of your life looks like a big-ass quilt. A bunch of colors and patterns all swirled into a big, warm, cozy, cover." "Uh-huh…", she said, obviously still confused. "But," I continued, "If you look closer, it's not one big cover at all. It's a whole bunch of small pieces of cloth, all sewn together. That's where the happiness is." She gave me a puzzled look before finally saying, "I'm not sure I follow you."

"Well.", I said, "Most folks think happiness is this one big, long, thing, stretched out for infinity. I don't think so. I think it's a way of seeing and enjoying, an infinite amount of little tiny moments. For example, do you drink coffee?", I asked. "Yes.", she said. "Well it's sorta like that first sip of a good cup of coffee. First you have that coffee smell. And then when you take the first sip, it goes down your throat, and it's so warm and soothing and tastes so good, it's almost like bliss. Well I bet if you concentrate, you can stretch that moment out and make it last through the entire cup. You just have to taste it for the first time, after the first sip"

"That's really interesting.", she said. "Yeah.", I said, "The trick is to find those little tiny moments everywhere. But the more you do it, the more you'll see them. They're, there. You just gotta train yourself to see them. Like one of those Magic Eye™ posters."

"Wow, I am really impressed at your insight. Most of the things you say are just nonsense, but that actually made sense.", she said.

"Yeah.", I said. "Or happiness might not be that at all. I could just be making the whole thing up. I don't really drink coffee, so ya know… there's that."

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