After the election of Barack Obama, a lot of people sent me emails wondering what I would say about it on The Franklin Chronicles. "I can't wait to hear your insight!", they said. And so when they ventured here looking for something profound or pithy, I gave them exactly what I had.

Nothing. I got nothing.

So that should teach everyone a valuable lesson, don't look to me for insight because I'm not that bright and whatever I say will surely disappoint you.

To be clear, when I say nothing, I mean I had nothing to add beyond sheer emotion. I felt that any words I used to try to describe the joy I felt would fall short. Besides I didn't have anything to add that wasn't already being said.

Moreover I wasn't quite sure what it all meant. It was much too big a thing for my tiny brain to take in and whenever I tried, it kept short-circuiting. That is until this happened:

Two years ago, my daughter took a trip with the AKA's to visit the Lincoln Museum in Springfield Illinois. (For those who don't know, Alpha Kappa Alpha is the first Black Sorority, founded in 1908.) Taylor's mother is an AKA. Her grandmother is an AKA. Her aunt is an AKA. And her great-aunt is an AKA.

Needless to say, Taylor was going on this AKA trip.

Although she was the youngest girl who attended, she enjoyed herself and came back with a bunch of souvenirs. She brought back a Lincoln face mask for her brother, a Lincoln stick puppet and a little pink tshirt. At the time I didn't think much of the tshirt or any of the other souvenirs. It was just a bunch of stuff. In fact, I hadn't seen Taylor wear the tshirt since.

Then a week after the election, I was downstairs cooking breakfast, doing the normal morning routine in order to get my children ready for school. As usual Taylor was the first one dressed and ready. She came down the stairs wearing the little pink tshirt from the field trip. When I saw her, it made me pause and tears nearly welled up in my eyes.

The tshirt simply said, "Future President."

"Yes.", I said to myself. "I believe it now."


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