I was minding my own bidness, sauntering aimlessly around the office, when I happened by the desk of my "so-called" friend, Sean Hicks. "Hey Franklin. Why don't you update your blog, instead of walking around aimlessly with your hands in your pockets?"

Alright, you know what Sean! (If that is your REAL name). I do have a little thing called a life! There are other things in this world that require my attention. Like, drinking a glass of water and then going to the bathroom.

And washing my hands.

Oh and then there's a little thing called SLEEP that I have to do every now and then! Then of course there's my pre and post bedtime nap so I can get the medically, recommended, eighteen hours of daily sleep. Did you ever think of that Sean?!! No, of course not. You're only concerned about harassing me over this precious little blog so you can…

…You know what. You want an update Sean?!! You want one?!!…

Hold on a second… You want a frakking update?!!



There!!! There's your stupid, goddamn, update!!!

Are you happy?!!

Now leave me the hell alone.

Oh Great! Now I'm behind on my daily allowance of nap time.

Way to go Sean!!!

I REALLY hope you're frakking happy.



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