Why I do It

So I was talking to my good friend Rah. (Oh, I'm sorry most of you may know him as "Mr. Eric B. and Rakim.") Rah had asked me what it was like to write The Franklin Chronicles. I sat him down and tried to describe, what it is like to come up with ideas for such an illustrious publication. As I spoke he went really quiet, just nodding his head. Every now and then his eyes would light up and he would frantically start scribbling something in his notebook.

He called a couple of days later to tell me that our conversation had inspired a little ditty you may know as, "Don't Sweat the Technique." In particular he attributed this part of the song to my description of writing for The Franklin Chronicles.

They wanna know how many rhymes have I ripped in rep.,
But researchers never found all the pieces yet
Scientists try to solve the context
Philosophers are wondering what's next
Pieces are took to last who observe them
They couldn't absorb them, they didn't deserve them
My ideas are only for the audience's ears
For my opponents, it might take years
Pencils and pens, are swords
Letters put together form a key to chords
I'm also a sculpture, born with structure
Because of my culture, I'm a rip and destruct the
Difficult styles that'll be for the technology
Complete sights and new heights after I get deep
You don't have to speak just seek

And peep the technique.

And that my friends, is why I do this. If my words can inspire just ONE person then I have done my job.

The fact that this story may or may not have happened in so-called "reality" and probably only occurred in my mind, perhaps in one of my so-called, "frequent fever dreams", should in no way hinder you from believing its veracity.

Perhaps you should spend a little less time wondering if things are "true" or not.

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