The Nutcracker

I took the week off so I've been walking my daughter to school. This is the conversation we had this morning.

Taylor: Kayla couldn't stay up late during my sleepover cuz she had to wake up early for her audition of The Nutcracker.

Me: Yes, I remember. She was auditioning for the role of Mildred, The Not So Magical Sea Cucumber.

Taylor: No. She is going to be a Snow Fairy. You always make up the most random characters for K.K.'s audition.

Me: Hahaha! I'm sure that's not the case. I'm pretty sure that she auditioned for the role of The Paramecium though.

Taylor: A paramecium?!! A paramecium ?!! What kind of ballet has a paramecium in it?!!

Me: The ballet of one celled organisms.

Taylor: No.

Me: Oh wait! Isn't she going to play the part of Bertha, The Wolverine who is fond of pocket lint?

Taylor: No.

Me: Is she going to be a rock?

Taylor: No.

Me: A brick?

Taylor: No.

Me: A pebble?

Taylor: No! It's none of those things that you make up in your head.

Me: Ok jeez... Exactly what kind of stone is she going to be?

Taylor: (sigh). You just don't get it.

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