Wolverines in the classroom

This is a conversation I had with my son this morning. He is nine and he is in the third grade.

Morgan: We have a new pet in our classroom. Guess what it is.

Me: A wolverine!

Morgan: No...

Me: A jaguar!

Morgan: No...

Me: A mongoose!

Morgan: No, it's a bunny rabbit and...

Me: A gazelle!

Morgan: No Papa, I already said it's a bunny rabbit. So anyway, we were trying to decide on a name and...

Me: A hyena! An elephant! A crocodile!

Morgan: No. It's a bunny rabbit.

Me: A bunny rabbit? That's what I said the first time!

Morgan: Ok yes, you said that the first time. Anyway we were trying to decide on a name...

Me: Hah! No I DIDN'T say that the first time! I said wolverine the first time. You're just saying that to humor me so I'll be quiet.

Morgan: Yes I am. So anyway we were trying to give the rabbit a name...

It is now clear to me that my ENTIRE family is conspiring against me.

Even my nine-year old son.


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