Revenge of the Mommy Bloggers (Part 4 of 4)

Revenge of the Mommy Bloggers (Part 4 of 4)


“Holy Crap! Did you see that?!!”, Audwin The Black Belt said panting, heavily. “Gah... Guh...”, is all I could manage. I was doubled over, out of breath. “I mean, they had pitchforks man! Torches with pitchforks. And they actually burned you in effigy! I didn’t think people actually did that anymore. You really pissed off those Mommybloggers.”

“I know, right! Who buys pitchforks any more? Crazy.”, I said, starting to catch my breath.

“I think you’re missing the point...”, said Audwin.

“Anyway don’t you have a black belt in Karate? Why didn’t you use any of your moves on that horde of Mommybloggers that was trying to kill us?”

“First of all, I did. It was called ‘getting the hell out of dodge’. When outnumbered and outgunned, the wise warrior, knows when to bid a hasty retreat. Me and you against 150 angry women, armed with machetes, pitchforks and torches are not good odds.”

“One of them had a cannon too.”

“Really? I didn’t see that.”


“Well, my point still stands. I think the lesson here is, posing as a Mommyblogger in order to earn a quick buck, is a bit exploitive, not to mention dangerous. Those Mommies are organized and vengeful.”

“Well let that be a lesson to you, since you’re the one who told me to pose as a Mommyblogger.”

“No I didn’t! I told you to... You know what that’s not important. I think the important thing is that we’ve learned that maybe you should focus on something that you’re good at.”

I stared back at him blankly.

“Helloooo?...”, he said searching for a response.

“I heard you. I’m just not sure how much money I can make by napping.”

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