Homework and Dinosaurs

Homework and Dinosaurs


"I can't do iiiiit!", Taylor whined. "Yes you can.", Her mother said. "You are a fully capable young lady. Now let's go." "Noooo. I caaaaan't!!!", Her mother glared at her.

"You know what's tripped-out?" I interjected. “Dinosaurs!” Taylor’s chin was in her hand and she shifted her gaze skeptically toward me. “Yeah, dinosaurs were humongous! some of them were as big as this house!” “I’m thirteen Papa. I know what dinosaurs were like.”, Taylor drolled.

“Well then you know that some of them were even bigger than this house. Some were almost as long as the block we live on!!!”, Taylor sighed. Heavily.


I continued, “They were so big, that when they walked, the ground would shake. Boom! Boom! BOOM!” With that, I stomped my feet and shook the table.” Taylor blinked, completely underwhelmed. On the other hand, Morgan my ten year old son joined in excitedly, stomping and shaking things with me. “BOOM!!! BOOM!!!”

“And you know what a lot of them would eat? OTHER DINOSAURS!!! Can you imagine that? Something as big as this house, eating something nearly as big as this block?!!” Taylor looked at her mother for help. Her mother shrugged.

“Yep. Dinosaurs stomped around this planet harder and longer than any human ever did. They were around for over one hundred and fifty MILLION years. At most, humans have only been here for a couple hundred-


years. Compared to dinosaurs, our existence is a tiny, little blip.”

Morgan continued stomping and shaking things.

“But you know what’s even more tripped-out than any of this?” “What?” Taylor asked, now slightly more than uninterested.

I looked around shiftily and cupped my hand next to my mouth as if I were about to reveal a big secret. Then I whispered a little too loudly for it to be an actual secret, “They were completely


Morgan paused briefly, “What?!! Dinosaurs were real?!!”, he said in sarcastic wonderment. Then he resumed his shaking and rumbling.

“I know Papa!”, Taylor said, “I know dinosaurs were real! But what does any of that have to do with this stupid math homework?!!”

“Well.”, I said, “My point is simply this; if there’s room in reality for something as fantastic as dinosaurs as big as houses, stomping around the earth for millions of years, then clearly there’s more than enough room in reality for a little girl who can understand math homework.”

“Maybe. But dinosaurs never had to learn math.”, Taylor mumbled.

The Plan (Part 1 of 4)

The Plan (Part 1 of 4)